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Synthetic Human Growth Hormone

Potential Shortfalls of Synthetic HGH

In the late 20th century, scientists noticed that a lack of human growth hormone was the cause of several growth issues for adolescents who were struggling to reach the height and weight that they should have been reaching at their respective age. To fix this problem, scientists found a way to create synthetic HGH, meant to help provide for the lack of hormone that the pituitary gland was clearly not created.

Synthetic HGH

Synthetic HGH, usually given in the form of injections, is taken by individuals whose pituitary glands are either damaged or malfunctioning, preventing these individuals from growing in the way their bodies were meant to grow. Synthetic HGH was not, however, created for individuals simply looking to take advantage of the many health benefits that human growth hormone provides.

Because it is synthetic, HGH taken by this injection method is still considered an 'outside source' (ie, coming from somewhere outside of your body's creation). As such, your body can experience several negative side effects for taking it, including a halting of your own body's human growth hormone production or possibly even rejection resulting in sickness and other bodily harm.

Still, HGH has several benefits, not the least of which include muscle growth, tissue health, and improved sleep. Because of these benefits, many people choose to take synthetic HGH in order to achieve the health, muscle and energy they've been looking for. But because synthetic HGH has all these risks, it is not ideal.

Real HGH

The best way to receive all the benefits of HGH is to take human growth hormone supplements designed to increase your body HGH's production. One of the best ways to do this is through natural boosters like Arginine - amino acids that tell your body to ramp up its hormone production.

These boosters are safe, because they are made from proteins that are found in every day foods. The proteins are extracted from these foods and provided in the form of supplements so that individuals looking to boost their hormone levels can get the same benefits of synthetic hormone, expect using a system designed to take advantage of their working gland's abilities.

Instead of synthetic hormone, individuals looking to increase their human growth hormone levels should consider Sytropin, a naturally effective HGH booster meant to stimulate your body's production of HGH without any of the potential side effects. Sytropin, as an oral spray, places these proteins directly into your bloodstream, allowing maximum effectiveness in a short period of time. Sytropin HGH spray provides, in addition to these proteins, a potent blend of essential amino acid building blocks and growth factors to provide maximum results.