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Deer Antler IGF

The world of medical research is buzzing with news of the potential uses of two key hormones necessary for normal development. Production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) by the pituitary has been shown to regulate the production of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) by the liver. While physicians do have tests to determine the levels of each hormone in the blood, these tests have been questioned by their efficacy. These tests also can only detect synthetic varieties of HGH and IGF-1.

Both hormones may play pivotal roles in the development of many chronic diseases. Heart disease, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and emotional disorders may all implicate declining hormone production. However, even as we age, our hormone levels decline dramatically. This affects athletes and bodybuilders who can't surpass their last plateau, or are witnessing too little growth in muscle mass and stamina for the amount of training put in. This may likewise be facing premature reduction in these critical hormones. Deer antler IGF has been investigated as a potential treatment and supplement.

Hormonal Pathways

HGH production fluctuates naturally throughout the human life span. All living humans produce some level of the hormone, and the lowest production times can be seen in infants and the elderly. As may be expected, puberty is the time of greatest production, and the decline in HGH gradually begins at the start of young adulthood.

Levels of IGF-1 follow the same pattern. The liver produces IGF-1, a substance found in nearly every cell of the body, in response to HGH production. For many years, this pathway was poorly understood, and supplementation of HGH was the preferred treatment for conditions of growth delay and retardation. This was problematic, because HGH is an extremely large molecule that is difficult to absorb and extremely unstable. The new understanding provides the option to treat with deer antler IGF, which is a smaller and more stable molecule.

Extending Benefits of Biological Function

Many applications for deer antler IGF are suggested, but development of approved treatments is a slow process. Since the hormones are intimately tied to metabolic function, replacement may actually slow the aging process. Doctors are understandably hesitant about replacing HGH, because the substance has many functions that are still not understood and replacement may further suppress natural production.

What has been made clear in studies is that IGF-1 alone can successfully spur increased metabolic function and enhance athletic training. HGH supplementation can provide similar benefits. Muscle growth, bone density, and stamina all improve faster during training with deer antler IGF supplementation.

Choice of Supplements: Synthetic Versus Deer Antler IGF

HGH is a popular supplement, though it may be wasted in many cases. Owing to the hormone's size and instability, only properly preserved oral sprays and injections can deliver a meaningful dose. Dosage is another problem, because products may not be standardized. Natural HGH is also expensive, and synthetic growth hormone poses risks.

Because the exact roles played by both hormones are not completely understood, synthetic HGH and IGF-1 are considered to be less effective than naturally derived products, and they may even pose a risk of dangerous side effects. Studies on synthetic HGH, for instance, showed a predilection for hardening the arteries and developing diabetes. The deer antler IGF in AntlerX is all natural, standardized, and a combination of several amino acids and minerals necessary for its optimum function.

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