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Legal Synthetic Human Growth Hormone

Getting Your Hands on Legal Synthetic HGH

So you may have spent a great deal of time at the gym, or perhaps you have decided that you want to feel more energetic and complete your workouts with extra vigor. You may have heard that one of the possible solutions to that is legal synthetic human growth hormone – lab created HGH that is designed to boost your human growth hormone levels using a fake androgen that your body uses as though it was regular HGH.

But one of the interesting things about legal synthetic human growth hormone is that although it may be fake enough that it closely resembles your HGH, it does not have the imprint of your body (DNA) and your body knows what it has created and what it hasn't created. In other words, your body knows that it didn't make the hormone, even if the hormone looks identical to your own HGH.

Consequences of Legal Synthetic Human Growth Hormone

Because this hormone is read the way that it is read by your body, there are risks associated with using it regularly. Your body works, in many ways, as if it has its own separate brain. The same body brain that tells you to breath even when you are not thinking about it, and the same body brain that tells you when to duck when you almost run into a branch, even though you did not think to duck.

That same brain recognizes that it didn't create the HGH in your body, and it looks at that synthetic/foreign HGH and decides whether or not it needs to create the hormone any more on its own. While most of the time it may decide that it is still needed, after a while your body may decide that the legal synthetic human growth hormone that you are using is more than enough to cover all your body needs, and it will completely shut down the production of the hormone in your gland because it has resources it wants to use elsewhere.

What ends up happening is that now you are now you are forced to use the hormone separately because your body will not be creating it anymore. You won't be using it optionally – you will need to use it else you may have health problems in the future.

Instead of legal synthetic human growth hormone, use an all natural HGH boosting supplement like Sytropin to boost your HGH naturally.