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Real Synthetic Human Growth Hormone

Since the many benefits of HGH have been released, people have been searching online everywhere for real synthetic human growth hormone.

This may seem like an oxymoron, much in the same way you cannot ask for 'genuine pleather', but in a sense it is not entirely incorrect - synthetic HGH is, in fact, real HGH that happens to be lab created.

Still, just because they have successfully created HGH in a lab, this does not mean that real synthetic human growth hormone is completely safe for your body. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

Shortfalls of HGH injections

Even when real synthetic human growth hormone is accepted by your body, it still carries several risks. Not the least of which is, because it was not created by your body naturally, it will still appear to be a foreign substance since it lacks your own natural DNA.

As such, your body may decide that it no longer needs to create HGH on its own, because it is getting its fill of the hormone from elsewhere. Once that happens, production of HGH by your own body will shut down completely and may never restart. Eventually you will be using the real synthetic growth hormone not to experience the health benefits but just to simply stay healthy, as zero production of the hormone can be dangerous.

Another issue is that real synthetic human growth hormone may not be accepted by your body at all. Instead, your body may decide it does not want to use the hormone (which it knows your body did not create) and you could experience illness or other negative symptoms as your body tries to reject all of the hormone from your blood stream. This is not uncommon, and the discomfort you experience from your body rejecting a chemical in its bloodstream can be extreme.

Instead of the synthetic HGH, you should consider using an all natural HGH supplement - made not from HGH but from proteins and minerals designed to increase the hormone's natural production without harming the rest of your body. Since it is created by you, it will not be rejected, and since your body knows it is producing the hormone it will not halt production.

These HGH supplements, like Sytropin, are designed to mirror the effects of the synthetic hormone without any of the potential risks. As such, they have become highly effective in increasing the hormone naturally, allowing for maximum benefits for their users. Sytropin is, by far, the best alternative to using a fake, lab created HGH injection.