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Synthesized HGH

The Purpose of Synthesized HGH

Human growth hormone injections were designed for one thing: Helping individuals with growth problems catch up to the growth of similar individuals within their age group.

This highly synthesized HGH, developed specifically for this purpose, is incredibly effective at increasing the muscle mass and growth issues for individuals in this population. It was developed for people with growth problems and it successfully meets that need. But synthesized HGH is not for everyone. In fact, it is not for anyone that does not suffer from these growth issues.

Synthesized HGH is lab created. In a sense, synthesized HGH is 'real' in that it is, in fact, a working hormone. But beyond that it was not made for your body and thus it is not considered a part of your body's natural production of the hormone.

When you inject synthesized HGH in a healthy body (one that currently or previously produced the amount of hormone it was expected to produce), you risk your body deciding to simply use the injected growth hormone rather than creating any itself. Once your pituitary gland shuts down production, it will never restart again.

People that need synthesized HGH for health reasons are looking for a way to increase a hormone that is not getting created effectively.

People that are looking for an increase in HGH production because age has caused its production to slow are not looking for the same thing. These people have healthy pituitary glands that are simply not creating as much because their bodies are older. Individuals looking to boost their human growth hormone production to receive some of the many health benefits are looking not for a way to make up for a faulty gland, but for getting their healthy gland to boost up its own production.

So rather than looking for synthesized HGH, these individuals should look towards human growth hormone boosters, designed to effectively increase your body’s level of the hormone by naturally stimulating your pituitary gland's production of the hormone rather than adding synthesized HGH to the hormones already in place.

Since this change occurs naturally, though the use of several specific amino acids, your body will not decide to shut off production of the hormone because it is the system that is producing the hormone. And since the hormone is created by your body, it is also accepted by your body, ensuring that you receive all the health benefits without any of the negative side effects.

There are thousands of natural human growth hormone boosters on the market, but the best available is known as Sytropin. Made with eight essential proteins and amino acids, including Arginine - one of the best amino acids for creating HGH, Sytropin works as effectively as synthesized HGH but with zero side effects and zero risk.

Synthesized HGH is designed for people with faulty pituitary glands. If yours is healthy, and production has only slowed due to age, use an HGH booster like Sytropin. It is safer, easier to use, cheaper, and equally as effective.