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Synthetic Human Growth Hormone Pills

Are There Synthetic Human Growth Hormone Pills?

There are various ways to boost your HGH levels. Since most people know about the injections and have – rightfully – ignored them as a painful and expensive way of increasing the amount of HGH that your body creates, people have begun looking for alternative ways to improve their HGH, and one of those ways is the idea of synthetic human growth hormone pills.

The idea is sound – synthetic human growth hormone pills will be far easier than injections, they will be less painful and they should be less expensive. But because of the way HGH works, synthetic human growth hormone pills are not possible. You cannot get androgens directly into your blood stream, and if you try to swallow the hormone, your body is just going to break it down so that you do not have any additional hormone at all.

But synthetic human growth hormone pills are not necessarily what you need to look for. Instead, you can actually look for something that makes a great deal more sense – an all natural HGH booster that you can take in pill or oral spray form that will be similarly as effective as if you were taking the injections, but will be much safer and more painless.

Wait – But You Just Said You Could Not Swallow HGH Pills

You cannot swallow synthetic human growth hormone pills because the fake hormone will be broken up. However, natural boosters are not fake hormone – they are proteins that your body does not break down in your stomach. These proteins are able to get into your blood – they then travel all the way up your body into your brain and tell your brain it needs to start creating more HGH. That HGH will then be in your blood stream and you get the same effects as if you took the injection.

Except these effects are also much safer. There are no side effects to these natural remedies for boosting HGH, so that you do not really have to worry that you are risking your health for your muscles.

Now, if we get to the argument about pills versus oral sprays, oral sprays have a much better history of success because they are more convenient and get absorbed by your gums more quickly than a pill gets taken by your stomach. So if you want to boost your human growth hormone levels, use an oral spray like Sytropin which will increase your HGH levels safely, easily and naturally.