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Synthetic Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

Anyone looking to increase their HGH levels in order to receive many of the known benefits of human growth hormone has probably looked for HGH injections online.

HGH injections are essentially lab created synthetic HGH, designed to help individuals without the hormone increase their HGH levels, to experience the natural growth they are most likely not experiencing due to a faulty gland.

The problem with using an HGH injection is the synthetic growth hormone side effects. HGH injections were not designed for people simply looking to receive the many health benefits of increasing their human growth hormone levels. As such, there are many synthetic growth hormone side effects that should be taken into account before choosing to use the injection.

Side Effects

The first, and most dangerous problem with using HGH injections is caused by their incorrect use. Again, HGH injections were designed for people without working pituitary glands - people who need more HGH in order to grow correctly and remain healthy. Usually, these are younger people whose bodies are not forming as they should, thanks to a damaged gland.

When someone that does not have a damaged gland uses an HGH injection, they are essentially telling their body 'you don't need to produce any more human growth hormone, because I am getting it elsewhere' and your body will shut down its HGH production altogether, resulting in a damaged gland when previously it was healthy. That is by far the most dangerous of all the synthetic growth hormone side effects.

Another one of the synthetic growth hormone side effects is that because it is not produced naturally by your body, your body may reject it. This can be very dangerous as well, as your body will be rejecting a hormone that is already in your blood stream. It may begin to see the growth hormone itself as a virus and try to attack it. Any time your body rejects a hormone or internal chemical you need, you risk serious health related dangers.

Alternatives to HGH Injections

Those trying to avoid synthetic growth hormone side effects should look at all natural HGH boosters. These boosters are designed to increase your body's own HGH production (so that your body won't reject it or decide it is does not need to create more hormone itself) using natural ingredients that have been extracted from standard foods.

By increasing your own body's production of the hormone, you essentially receive all of the benefits of HGH without any of the side effects.

Sytropin is one of these natural HGH boosters, and it is by far one of the most effective. It uses eight different natural amino acids to increase HGH production, and these proteins do not cause any negative side effects whatsoever. The result is the same, but the risk is significantly less. Had you been in the market for a prescription HGH injection, consider Sytropin instead.