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Synthetic IGF-1

Make your Body a Powerhouse with IGF-1

Looking for a Natural Supplement that will help put you back on track for optimal output?

You have probably already heard the buzz about Synthetic IGF-1 at the gym or among talk about your favorite celebrity athletes. Synthetic IGF-1 supplements are garnering a lot of attention for their natural growth properties and ability to enhance athletic performance.

Lifestyle Alone Can't Transform your Body

As humans age, we lose the ability to regenerate our cells. The so-called growth spurt of our adolescence is long past and physical deterioration seems to be the only option. Even countless hours at the gym and protein rich diet simply cannot turn back the hands of time and make our bodies spontaneously replenish the growth hormones of our youth. All because we are lacking an influx of something called IGF-1. IGF-1, scientifically known as Insulin Growth Factor, stimulates protein synthesis and growth of tissue. Many athletes have found successful results with the use of Synthetic IGF-1, but there is actually a way to take this to the next level.

Not All Synthetic IGF-1 is the Same

Tapping nature has led to one of the biggest breakthroughs in cell regeneration science. The science community already knows Synthetic IGF-1 recreates the bolstering growth factors that were present in our younger, more virile selves. However, taking a cue from nature instead of from a lab can actually produce greater results. Now, for the first time, the human body can experience a rebirth of growth with a supplement called AntlerX. AntlerX delivers over 100 Mg of pure deer antler velvet in an easy to use spray form. To bolster the results of this growth-rich combination, it is also packed with nutrients and growth factors that will build muscle while nurturing your body. The supplement is created by deer antler velvet which is harvested with precise timing during its most nutrient-rich phase.

Transform your Body with Nature's Edge

A true breakthrough, AntlerX is a unique derivative from newly budding male deer antlers. Yes, that's right, the same energy that drives a wild, untamed buck to grow his antlers during the prime of its life can propel the human physique as well. It has been discovered that the IGF-1 that naturally exists in deer antlers as they cultivate is incredibly similar to the properties of the Human Growth Factor Hormone which facilitate growth and cell production in humans. From a hormonal standpoint, these supplements can put a man back in the prime of his life. Deer antler velvet facilitates rapid cellular division, which bolsters growth and vitality in a short window of time. The growth is attributed to a blend of amino acids and powerhouse growth factors. Much like growth spurts in adolescence which happen seemingly overnight, IGF-1 supplements signal the body to begin gearing up for growth.

Like all Synthetic IGF-1, IGF-1 derived from deer velvet is completely legal and is available without a prescription. This means you can start getting the results you want whenever you want.

The results speak for themselves. Increased muscle mass and a magnified physique will allow you to increase your workouts and have a cutting advantage when playing competitive sports. If you have been considering Synthetic IGF-1 to give you a physical edge, try AntlerX and let the power of the nature work for you.

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